Ethan is a minor character, who makes his first appearance in Love, Simon.

Love, Simon

Ethan is a gay teenager who is one of Simon's classmates. He has been out since he was sixteen years old. However, it was obvious to his friends, as they had to feign surprise when he came out to them.

Ethan is the target of many bullies at school, and Simon notices him getting picked on by other students, due to his effeminate personality.

After Simon's secret is revealed to the school, bullies begin to make rude comments towards him and Ethan. After Mr. Worth calls both boys into his office, Ethan and Simon chat. Simon believes Ethan has had it easy, but Ethan reveals to him that his mother lies to his grandparents about all the girls he is dating, with an ashamed look on her face.


  • The character of Ethan was created specifically for the film and does not appear in the book.
    • For movie viewers who are not familiar with the book trilogy, Ethan appears to be the only other known LGBT+ kid at Simon's high school other than Simon and Blue.