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Boys' Trip is the eight episode of the first season of Love, Victor. It is the eight episode of the series overall.


Victor goes out of the city to visit Simon and checks out what it's like to be out in New York City.


Victor takes a trip to visit Simon in New York City, where he is shown around town by Simon's group of accepting friends (Simon himself is in a party out of state). This annoys Mia as Victor is once again leaving, so she grows closer to Andrew and away from Victor. At detention, Andrew and Mia learn that Lake and Felix have been hooking up. Embarrassed, Lake upsets Felix by saying she wants to keep their relationship quiet. Mia tells Andrew she wishes he would be a nicer person, but she still cares for him. While at a drag party, Simon's friends accidentally let slip to Victor that they are all aware of Victor's situation at school and with Benji. Simon shows up and explains to an angry Victor that he needed his friend's guidance to help Victor navigate his world. Victor reconciles with Simon and his friends, who help Victor realize that they are all here for each other and he has people who accept him.



Guest Starring


  • River Gallo as Kim[1]
  • Friday Chamberlain as Ivy[2]
  • Sue Shaheen as Jessie[3]
  • Zack Nelson as Super Hot Guy[4]
  • Jason Collins as Jason Collins[5]


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  1. Simon and Bram's friend.
  2. Simon and Bram's friend.
  3. Tattoo shop employee, where Pilar gets her piercings.
  4. Mike, guy who try to flirt with Victor, in Messy Boots.
  5. Former NBA player, openly gay that plays with Bram and Victor in the New York gay league.
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