Blue is the online alias of Simon Spier's secret pen-pal, and later, boyfriend. The name "Blue" was taken from his email address,


Blue comes out as gay on his high school's Tumblr page. Soon, Simon emails him under the alias of "Jacques", telling him that he is also gay. The boys begin an email-only relationship, that eventually turns into mutual attraction.

Potential Candidates

There are a few guys throughout the book and movie that Simon suspects are possibly Blue.

Bram Greenfeld

Bram is a classmate and friend of Simon. He sits at Simon's lunch table. At the carnival, Bram reveals himself to be Blue, saying that he gave it away all along, as his email address consisted of bits of his full name, and his birthday (Abraham Louis Greenfeld, January 18th = blugreen118)

Cal Price

Cal is classmate of Simon and the pianist for the drama club. Later, after Simon's secret is revealed, he asks Cal if he is Blue. Cal tells Simon that he is not.


Lyle is a waiter at the waffle house Simon visits with Abby and Martin. Simon later finds out that Lyle is interested in Abby.

Martin Addison

Martin is the student who blackmails Simon once he discovers his secret. At the carnival, Martin tells Simon that he is Blue, but then admits he is lying and only told him because he felt bad that the real Blue hadn't shown up.

Hints and Clues

Throughout the story there are several things revealed about Blue that give Simon clues to his identity

  • He is of mixed Jewish-Episcopalian faith
  • His parents are divorced
  • He likes superheroes
  • He uses perfect grammar
  • His favorite cookies are Oreos, particularly the Halloween ones with orange cream in the center.